Online Pilates

COVID-19 UPDATE: Maxifisio offers all services in person and online.

For more information please contact us and visit our class timetable.

Online Pilates can help you if you want to stay healthy and active and are currently affected by a lockdown in your area, if you are having to quarantine or self-isolate, or if you simply want to avoid exposing yourself to COVID-19. Maxifisio offers online one-to-one and duet Pilates sessions, and online group classes. All sessions last 55 minutes, working with English speaking physiotherapist Maria Moreno who will guide you and explain how to perform each exercise step by step.

Our online Pilates sessions and online group classes are taught via the Zoom app. If you need an online Pilates session or want to participate in one of our online Pilates classes (Pilates matwork, Prenatal Pilates and Postnatal Pilates Mum&Baby*) do not hesitate to book with Maxifisio. For more information visit our class timetable. If you have any other questions please contact us, we will be happy to assist you!

*Postnatal Mum&Baby classes – mothers can participate in the class with their babies, aged from 6 weeks to 12 months old.

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Online Pilates