Online Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

COVID-19 UPDATE: Maxifisio offers all services in person and online.

For more information please contact us and visit our class timetable.

Online Physiotherapy can help you if you have an injury and are currently being affected by a lockdown in your area, if you are having to quarantine or self-isolate, or if you simply want to avoid exposing yourself to COVID-19. Online Physiotherapy can also help you as part of your recovery after suffering a COVID-19 infection. We offer offer 30 and 55 minute online sessions, working with English speaking physiotherapist Maria Moreno specialised in functional recovery and rehabilitation.

Online physiotherapy has been clinically proven to have the same effect as in-person physiotherapy. Maxifisio’s online physiotherapy sessions are based on rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise. During the online consultation we will go through a thorough subjective and objective assessment, we will start you on a rehabilitation program to follow at home, teach you how to self-release the affected area, educate you to self-manage your injury and discuss possible lifestyle modifications as well as give you clinical advice.

Our online consultations are held via the Zoom app. If you need an online physiotherapy or rehabilitation session do not hesitate to book with Maxifisio. For more information on our online consultations or any other questions please visit our contact page.

Maxifisio also specialises in ergonomic assessments that can help you if you are currently working from home. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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