Maria is hands-down the best physio I have ever been treated by.  She has a very holistic and active approach to recovery which was extremely effective for me. After sustaining an injury while travelling, and not being able to train properly for months (much to my frustration) Maria had me back to 100% and feeling strong and confident enough to train properly again after just a couple of months. Being a foreigner new to Spain I was nervous about finding a good physio who spoke English (given my non-existent Spanish) but after my first session with Maria I knew I was going to be OK. I can’t recommend her enough! If you want a physio who genuinely cares about her patients, and prescribes a recovery that is both active and functional then Maria is your lady.

Kelly A. – New Zealand

Maria is an excellent physio who has helped me to recover from several injuries this year as well as strengthening with Pilates. Living in a foreign country I was nervous about finding a physio who understood dancers but as soon as I met Maria I was completely reassured. Happy to recommend her 100%!

Monica B. – New Zealand (professional dancer)

I was looking for an English speaking physio in Madrid after falling during a football match. I was really pleased by the work that Maria did. From the initial review, the exercises she had me do, and the follow up. She has helped me get back to a much better level of fitness and, when the injury wasn't responding as well as expecting to the treatment, she went out of her way to help find and organise for me to have an ultrasound scan.

I have been really happy with the improvements I got from seeing Maria and from the effort she put in to help me find other solutions to fixing the issue. I am now moving to Barcelona and she has again offered to help find me someone there to help with the injury. I would not hesitate to recommend Maria, both for her physio work and her willingness to do extra to help her patients.

Haydn R. – United Kingdom

Maria is an excellent physio. Thanks to her I have been able to reduce my tension in the neck and back. I also have a sprained ankle and in addition to relieving the pain and getting rid of the inflammation, she taught me several rehabilitation exercises. I recommend her 100%.

Belén N. – Madrid

I went to see Maria with a chronic groin strain that prevented me from doing sports. Her treatment was perfect and she also sent me some exercises to do on my own to strengthen the area. Now I am totally recovered. Thank you!

Álvaro M. – Madrid

I travel a lot for work and I arrived in Madrid with bad neck pain. I looked for a physio that did home visits and Maxifisio was a success: Maria is a great professional, she came to me and adapted to my schedule. The treatment was great and solved the problem. I will see her again without doubt.

Mª Jesús G. – Resident in Paris

Maria treated my Achilles tendon injury. From the first day she knew what was wrong with me and carried out an adequate and effective treatment in which she combined physio and acupuncture needles. Since I am scared of needles, she explained how they worked and why it was beneficial to use them in my case, which reassured me a lot. After 5 sessions plus the advice and rest recommended, my Achilles recovered. As a result I have recommended Maria to several friends and they all have been very happy. She is a great professional, with a lot of experience and she is also a very nice person!

María I. – Resident in London

I’m very happy with Maxifisio's physiotherapy sessions. The sessions (6) focused on the treatment of a shoulder injury resulting from bad posture while doing side planks to strengthen my abs at the gym. Maria explained the injury was a slight injury / irritation of the rotator cuff. After 6 sessions I went from just being able to put on my shirt to return to my normal daily gym activity without discomfort on my shoulder. The highlights for me on each session: the manual treatment and the use of acupuncture needles, plus the initial observation assessment evaluating which arm / shoulder movements I could do without pain, in order to identify the injured muscle and the best treatment to apply. At the end of each session she taught me rehab exercises which were easy to do at home and to help recover my shoulder mobility without pain.

Therefore I recommend Maxifio and her professional Maria Moreno, especially for sport and gym injuries for those who like me cannot stop going to the gym regularly to de-stress.

José P. – Madrid