COVID-19 UPDATE: Maxifisio offers all services in person and online.

Please note the prices listed here are our online prices. The prices for services in clinic are listed at the bottom of this page.

-Online Class (55 minutes): €12 / £12.

-Block of 5 online classes (valid for 2 months from date of purchase): €55 / £55 (€11 / £11 per class).

-Block of 10 online classes (valid for 3 months from date of purchase): €100 / £100 (€10 / £10 per class).

-Online Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation consultation (55 minutes): €40 / £40.

-Online Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation consultation (30 minutes): €30 / £30.

-Online one-to-one Pilates/Yoga/Hypopressives/Personal Training session (55 minutes): €40 / £40.

-Online duet session Pilates/Yoga/Hypopressives/Personal Training (55 minutes): €50 / £50.

For more information on our online services please contact us and visit our class timetable.

To book a session, a group class or to buy a block of sessions please contact us.

Maxifisio operates a strict cancellation policy: in case of cancellation with less than 24 hours notice or if you do not participate in your scheduled appointment, you will be charged the full fee of the appointment.

*All appointments by pre-booking only. Sessions last 55 minutes.




Services IN CLINIC Price Block of 5
(valid for 2 months from date of purchase)
Block of 10
(valid for 3 months from date of purchase)
Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation session €55 €260 (€52/session)

GROUP CLASSES: Pilates equipment and mat (use of reformer, tower, split-pedal chair & ladder barrel), Prenatal Pilates & Yoga, Postnatal Pilates & Yoga (Mum&Baby*), Hatha Vinyasa Yoga (maximum 5 people per class).

*Postnatal Mum&Baby classes – mothers can participate in the class with their babies, aged from 6 weeks to 12 months old.

€25 €110 (€22/class) €200 (€20/class)
Pilates initial assessment / One-to-one session (equipment and mat) €55 €260 (€52/session)
Yoga initial assessment / One-to-one session €55 €260 (€52/session)
Hypopressives initial assessment / One-to-one session €55 €260 (€52/session)
Personal Training initial assessment / One-to-one session €55 €260 (€52/session)
Duet sessions (two persons): Pilates, Yoga, Hypopressives, Personal Training €76 (€38/session per person) €350 (€35/session per person)